In Indonesia, the EPO is a permission granted to individuals who intend to leave the country and not return. It is regulated by the Indonesian immigration laws and serves as an official authorization for an expatriate to exit Indonesia. The EPO process must be completed before an expatriate obtains a new working permit or in cases where the expatriate will not continue working in Indonesia. The EPO ensures compliance with the immigration regulations and facilitates the proper management of expatriate departures from the country.

There are two distinct types of Exit Permit Only (EPO) in relation to University of Mataram (UNRAM):

  1. EPO for changing sponsorship from UNRAM to another sponsor.

    You will have 7 days only to complete all of your documents and transfer your visa status from Student visa to other visa. The requirements for this type of EPO is the same as applying for 🔗Study Permit.

  2. EPO for leaving Indonesia.
    After the issuance of the EPO, it is crucial to adhere to the strict precaution that permits a maximum of 7 days to remain in Indonesia. It is advised not to apply for the EPO more than 7 days prior to your planned departure, as it may result in an overstay, violating the immigration regulations. Similar to EPO for changing sponsorship, there is one additional document you need to attached: return flight ticket. To see the updated information on this EPO, please refer to the 🔗Study Permit page.

Typically, if your visa process is completed and you do not have any intention to return to UNRAM for further studies, obtaining an EPO is not required.