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This page serves as a comprehensive resource, providing essential information on the immigration documents and procedures specifically tailored to facilitate your research endeavors in Indonesia. Delve into detailed guidance on the required documentation, application processes, and vital timelines that will ensure a seamless transition. By choosing the University of Mataram, you will gain access to cutting-edge research facilities, extensive interdisciplinary collaborations, and a vibrant scholarly environment. Immerse yourself in our rich cultural heritage while making significant contributions to your field of study. We are committed to supporting your research aspirations and fostering an environment that nurtures intellectual growth and innovation.

In order to engage in research activities at the University of Mataram (UNRAM), certain documentation requirements must be fulfilled. These necessary documents are essential to ensure a smooth and compliant research experience within our institution.

πŸ”— Visa and KITAS πŸ”— Research Permit πŸ”— Exit Permit Only (EPO) πŸ”— Residency Certificate

Understanding the various immigration documents such as Visa, KITAS, Study Permit, EPO (Exit Permit Only), and Residency Certificate is crucial when planning to study at the University of Mataram (UNRAM).

  • Visa: A Visa is a permit that allows you to enter Indonesia. Depending on the length of your stay and purpose of visit, different types of visas are available, such as Student Visa or E-Visa. It is essential to obtain the appropriate visa before your arrival.
  • KITAS (Temporary Stay Permit): KITAS is a temporary stay permit granted to individuals intending to reside in Indonesia for a specific period, including international students. It provides legal residency during your study period. KITAS is applied and issued when you are currently under the Indonesian territory.
  • Research Permit: A research permit is an official authorization required for conducting research activities at the University of Mataram. It is a crucial document that ensures compliance with Indonesian regulations and allows international researchers to pursue their research endeavors within our institution.
  • EPO (Exit Permit Only): EPO is an official permit required if you wish to leave Indonesia permanently or not return after completing your studies. It ensures compliance with immigration regulations and should be obtained before your departure.
  • Residency Certificate: The Residency Certificate is a document issued by the local government authorities that confirms your legal residence in the designated area during your studies. It is important for administrative purposes and may be required for various transactions or registrations.

To ensure a seamless and compliant research experience at UNRAM, it is imperative for researchers to have a comprehensive understanding of the immigration documents involved. This includes being well-versed in the application processes, validity periods, and necessary renewal procedures. By familiarizing yourself with these regulations, you can maintain your legal status, avoid any potential penalties or disruptions, and fully dedicate yourself to your academic pursuits at UNRAM.