At University of Mataram, international partnerships are highly valued as a way to expand its global network, promote cross-cultural understanding, and enrich the educational experience for its students. The MoU represents a commitment from both parties to work together towards common objectives and shared interests. It serves as a foundation for building long-term relationships and creating opportunities for academic growth and development.

By signing an MoU, University of Mataram demonstrates its dedication to fostering internationalization, encouraging innovation, and creating a global learning environment. Through the collaborative efforts facilitated by MoUs, the university strives to nurture a vibrant and inclusive community that benefits from the diverse perspectives and expertise brought by its international partners.

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List of MoU Documents

No.NO. MoU/PKSDate SignedAboutPartnerStarted DateValid UntilInternal OperatorCountry
12018Scientific and Technological Cooperation and ExchangeThird Institute of Oceanography State Ocean Administration, People's Republic of China2018 China
25519/UN18/LN/20182018Student Exchange and Research Cooperation Program,University of Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne20182022FMIPAParis
39/17/18Bidang Pengembangan Kerja Kesukarelawanan, Perlatihan, Pendidikan, Penyelidikan dan Pembangunan (R&D) berkaitan pembinaan didalam Program Amal Tampah RumahPertubuhan Bantuan Teknikal Insaf Malaysia20182020Malaysia
42018Joint Exchange Programs for Students, Research, and TrainingChodang University, South Korea2018South Korea
55002/UN18/LN/20188/6/18Eco Tourism and SustainabiltyPuraWorka, Switzerland Local Partner: Dome Lombok AgroForestry Partner: ReNature Foundation2018Switzerland
63/12/19The Placement on Students Teaching Practice or Internship, Joint Research and Publication, Conference ActivitiesPersatuan Pengusaha Tadika Berdaftar Negeri Johor, Malaysia20192024FKIPMalaysia
711/14/19Academic and Cultural Visit, Exchange Students, Exchange of Lecturers/Teachers, etc.Central Bicol State University of Agriculture(CBSUA) Philippines20192024FKIPPhilippines
86/5/19Extend the Letter of Intent (LoI) between Australian Centre of International Agriculture Research, Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries East Timor, and Universitas MataramRepublica Democratica Timor Leste Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries20192024Timor Leste
97/22/19Exchange Programs for students and faculty members, exchange of academic material and publication Joint Research, Humaitarian and Community Development ProjectsBusan University of Foreign Studies20192022South Korea
104/4/19Friendship and Cooperation, Promotion of Mutual Understanding, Academic, Cultural, and Scientific Thought and Personnel ExchangeUniversiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) Malaysia20192022Malaysia
114/25/19Infectious disease and public health in Indonesia and the United StatesThe Regeant of The University of Colorado, a body corporate, for and on behalf of The Center for Global Health at the Colorado School of Public Health at The University of Colorado Denver, Anschtuz Medical Campus20192024FKU.S.A
127/8/19Foster Academic Exchange and Udayana University Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Kyoto University, Japan20192024Japan
131829/UN18/LN/20193/1/19Marine Science Education and ResearchThe LEIBNIZ CENTRE FOR TROPICAL MARINE RESEARCH (ZMT)20192024FAPETANetherland
141/11/20Implementing the PT. Dagang Net Scroll to all UNRAM's students upon their graduation subject to the terms and conditionPT. Dagang Net Indonesia (Malaysia)20202030Malaysia
1510/19/21Letter of Intent(LoI) Academic Collaboration through exchange of students, facilities, and staff joint programsUniversiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris2021PASCAMalaysia
168203/UN18/KS/20218/12/21Southeast Asia Lecture HallForeign Policy Community of Indonesia (FPCI)20212022Indonesia
171/14/21Joint Research ProgramJames Cook University2021FAPETAAustralia
189/3/21Joint Exchange Programs for Students, Research, and TrainingThe Faculty of Medicine University of the Ryukyus20212026FKJapan
198/2/21Extension of Agreement between the School of Engineering, Tohoku UniversityThe School of Engineering, Tohoku University20212026Japan
204/27/21Internship ProgramPT. Sawayaka Fujindo Indonesia20212024Japan
219/15/22Exchange Program, Academic Material and Publication, Joint Research, and Humanitarian and Community Development ProjectsBusan University of Foreign Studies20222025South Korea
228/23/22Social ProjectSeoul National University Social Responsibility20222024FTSouth Korea
2317211/UN18/LN/202212/28/22The Implementation of TRIDHARMA (Three Pillars) of Higher EducationCollegium Civitas Poland20222027Poland
2412/6/22Collaboration in Education, Research, and Community Engagement of Higher Education in the field of Medicine and Health ScienceUskudar University, Turkey20222027FKTurkey
2510/24/22Material Transfer Agreement (MTA)The LEIBNIZ CENTRE FOR TROPICAL MARINE RESEARCH (ZMT)20222024FAPETANetherland
2612118/UN18?MoU/LN/20229/2/22Joint Exchange Programs for Students, Research, Exchange academic materials, Sharing information on each other's website and social mediaRuipan International Education Technology Co, Ltd20222025China
27 7/12/22Letter of Intent(LoI) The Accounting Research Institute (ARI) University of Teknologi MARA, Malaysia20222024Malaysia
28UUM/CIAC/P-44/1(UM)7/26/22Letter of CollaborationUniversiti Utara Malaysia20222023Malaysia
298/7/22Student Exchange and Research Cooperation Program,CHR. MICHELSEN INSTITUTE (CMI), NORWAY20222027Norway
307/8/22Student Exchange and Research Cooperation Program,Walailak University, Thailand20222027PROD. HIThailand
316/15/22Joint ResearchYamamoto Lumber Forest Co., Ltd. (YL Forest) Japan20222027FAPETAJapan
325/24/22Joint ResearchThe Hooper Collective Inc.20222024FAPETAU.S.A
335/20/22Facilitating actions to intensify existing academic and educational cooperation on the basis of equality and reciprocitySeoul National University Global R&DB Center2022South Korea
345657/UN18/MOU/LN/20222022Student Exchange and Research Cooperation Program,PP Savani University, India20222027India
355656/UN18/MOU/LN/20224/28/22Exchange Program, Academic Material and Publication, Joint Research, and Humanitarian and Community Development ProjectsVeer Narmad South Gujarat University (VNSGU), India20222027India
36002/PKS/DIR/QIS/II/2022 01/UN18.F9/KS/20222/3/22Peningkatan Komptensi Pendidik dan Tenaga Kependidikan SainsSEAMEO QITEP in Science20222025PASCAIndonesia
372/1/22Exchange Program, Academic Material and Publication, Joint Research, and Humanitarian and Community Development ProjectsThe National University of Malaysia (Universitas Kebangsaan Malaysia)20222027Malaysia
382480/UN18/MoU/LN/20232/7/23 Sino Education Centre Malaysia20232028FEBMalaysia
391811/UN.18/MoU/LN/20232/9/23Student Mobility Program, Faculty exchangr program, scientific research and publicationSahabat Jepang Indonesia20232028FT, FATEPAIndonesia
402/20/23Students , faculty members, and researcher Exchange, joint activities, exchange of academic information JapanNational Institute of Genetics, Research Organization of Information and Systems20232028Japan
413782/UN18/KS/20233/3/23Student Mobility Program, Faculty exchangr program, scientific research and publicationSangrao Normal University, China20232028China
424419/UN18/KS/20233/16/23Student Mobility Program, Faculty exchangr program, scientific research and publicationHebei Vocational Art College20232028China
434517/UN18/KS/20233/16/23Education, research, community service, and development of human resourcesPT. AGRO ECO VEDA20232028Indonesia
444819/UN18/KS/20233/17/23Education, research, community-based activities as well as the achievement of sustainable development goals (SDGs), Eco Peace Asia and PT. Lombok Hidden Trip20232028South Korea
453/11/23Developing cooperation in the implementation of the research called "Surveillance of Extended-Spectrum Beta-Lactamase (ESBL)-Producing Escherichia coli in the Human Sector, Food Chain, and Environment: Tricycle-WHO Project in MataramAntimicrobial Resistance Research Center, National Institute of Infectious Disease-Japan20232026FKJapan
467247/UN18/KS/20235/23/23Training of the Trainers (ToT), developing curriculum, participation in conducting seminar, webinar, conference, general and academic lecture, and implementation of community development serviceProgramma Uitzending Managers (PUM) Netherlands20232026Netherland
477306/UN18/KS/2023 002/HO/20235/24/23Waste Management Program, Provision of Education, Research, and Community ServicePT. Honest Ocean Material20232028Indonesia
486271/UN18/KS/20234/4/23Synergize potential and resources by parties, implementation of the Tridarma, PT. Rplay Group Indonesia20232028South Korea
495281/UN18/KS/2023 CHE-340.055.7824/10/23Promoting Green Campus and Sustainable Living in West Nusa TenggaraCODOS FOUNDATION20232028Switzerland
507304/UN18/KS/20234/1/23Development of innovative, proactive, and strategic researchThe Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime20232028Switzerland
516707/UN18/LN/20235/23/23Nota Kesepahaman Bidang Pendidikan, Penelitian, dan Pengabdian MasyarakatKota Taketa, Preferektur Oita, Jepang20232024Japan
527305/UN18/KS/20235/24/23Nota Kesepahaman untuk pengembangan inovasi pendidikan, penelitian, pengabdian masyarakat, peningkatan kualitas sumber daya manusia, dan program MBKMPT. Kurnia Maritim Mahaguna Indonesia20232028Indonesia
538468/UN18/KS/20236/13/23collaborative agricultural research development, promote relations and mutual understandingAustralian Centre for International Agriculture Research (ACIAR)20232028FATERNAAustralia
546/16/23Research, Research Training, teaching, curriculum and course design, exchange of staff, scholars, students, and sponsoring cooperative seminars, workshop Murdoch University20232028Australia
557/4/23Attachment Program for undergraduate and postgraduate students, lectures, and staffs, postgraduate academic program, organizing joint conference, research and publication, etc.Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI) Malaysia20232026Malaysia
565/28/23 To promote the development of teaching and research as well as the mutual exchange of students and other talentsUniv. Member of SAFE Network (UNRAM) and Maejo University, The Kingdom of Thailand20232028FATEPAThailand
575/28/23 To promote the development of teaching and research as well as the mutual exchange of students and other talentsUniv. Member of SAFE Network (UNRAM) and Chiang Mai Rajabhat University, The Kingdom of Thailand20232028FATEPAThailand
5810017/UN18/KS/20237/20/23Indonesia-Australia Red Meat and Cattle Partnership20232028FATERNAAustralia
596663/UN18/KS/20237/29/23Exchange of Scholars and faculties, collaboration on staff development programs, etc.Maejo University, The Kingdom of Thailand20232028FATEPAThailand
6010554/UN18/KS/20238/8/23Scholarship for 12 students who are currently doing reaserch about renewable energyPT. Sun Cable20232025KUIAustralia
611371/UN18.S3/KS/20238/21/23Implementation of Agreement for Education, Research, and Community ServiceCollegium Civitas Poland20232028PASCAPoland
6211392/UN18/KS/20238/14/23Implementation of Tridharma of Higher Education (Internship)Skilio Pte. Ltd.20232024KUISingapore
634517/UN18/KS/20237/31/23Implementation of Tridharma of Higher EducationIslamic Relief Canada20232028KUICanada