Program Description

Indonesian International Student Mobility Awards (IISMA) is a scholarship scheme by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia to fund Indonesian students for a one semester-mobility program at top universities and reputable industries overseas. Offering two schemes for undergraduate and vocational students, IISMA will expose Indonesian students to international academic and cultural diversity.

Program Objective

20 Credits

Guaranteeing 20 credits transfered to Indonesian universities to ensure students will not be left behind due to following IISMA program in host universities. 20 credits is gained through academic and activities taken based on students’ interest.


Giving students chance to learn multidisciplinary knowledge based on each student’s interest through various courses. They are free to choose courses which do not have correlation with their department in home universities.

Knowledge & Skill

Giving students chance to gain knowledge and skills from world renowned universities in 30 countries. A great chance to learn to lecturers with good capability in their field of study.

Cross-cultural Understanding

Increasing students’ cross-cultural understanding through gaining experience in host countries. Students also can develop cross-cultural skills as they study and stay in the same class with locals.


Increasing students’ cross-cultural understanding through gaining experience in host countries. Students also can develop cross-cultural skills as they study and stay in the same class with locals.


Preparing qualified graduates with experience, knowledge and skills to gain future careers. Learning experience abroad can give more values as important part of students’ equipment for future workplace.

Awardees Testimony

Surni Ahyatul Fitri
English Education Department
Awardee IISMA 2023 – Michigan States University, U.S.A
Being an IISMA awardee to Michigan State University was truly once in a lifetime opportunity. Experiencing the diverse and dynamic of American college was such a privilege. My IISMA journey could not be happening without the help from University of Mataram and OIA. Since the beginning of the application I received a lot of help and support from them. I want to truly express my gratitude especially to OIA for always providing assistance from the application period to the end of the program to ensure my IISMA journey becoming successful.
Alia Fitrida Camila
English Education Department
Awardee IISMA 2023 – Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
Despite my initial failure in my first 2022 application, I know that IISMA will be an invaluable opportunity that must not be missed. IISMA has profoundly shaped my experience by affording me the opportunity to engage with the innovative learning system in New Zealand. Furthermore, UNRAM and the Office of International Affairs played pivotal roles in facilitating my pursuit of a big dream. OIA Unram consistently offers valuable support to awardees, addressing challenges promptly, and consistently supporting awardees when we are at both home and host universities.
Silmi Fadhlina Hubbaya Munir
International Relations
Awardee IISMA 2023 – University of Sussex, UK.
From experiencing diverse cultures to academic enrichment through international studies, IISMA is truly a life changing experience. The University and OIA played an important role in helping me achieve this opportunity. They were proactive in assisting me complete the documents needed and gave their unwavering support along the way. Couldn’t have done this without their help!
Hasbiallah Al Amin
Informatics Engineering
Awardee IISMA 2022 – University of Warwick, UK.
The University of Mataram and the Office of International Affairs (OIA) were instrumental in my IISMA journey, providing unwavering support that paved the way for my semester at the University of Warwick, UK. Their dedicated assistance not only ensured a seamless application process but also contributed significantly to enhancing my English language skills. I extend my sincere appreciation to the University of Mataram and OIA for their integral role in making this international opportunity a reality.