Mataram • Fri, August 4th, 2023−University of Mataram (UNRAM) recently achieved a historic moment by hosting the culmination of a cultural exchange program that connected the rich culture of Indonesia, especially Lombok, with the magnificence of South Korean cultural heritage. The event took place in the grand Dome of UNRAM, presenting a brilliant showcase that harmoniously merged the two distinct cultures.

The stage became an inspirational venue with a series of performances depicting the essence of both countries. The elegance of Lombok’s folk dances, such as “Putri Mandalika” and “Peresean,” mesmerized the audience with the charm of local historical narratives. Harmonious voices filled the dome as a choir took the stage. Their interpretation of melodies implied the power of music as a connector, transcending language barriers and binding hearts.

The dynamic rhythm of K-Pop dances, symbolizing South Korea’s contemporary culture, captivated the audience. The performers skillfully brought infectious K-Pop energy and spirit to the heart of Lombok, creating a truly meaningful cultural exchange.

The event took an exciting turn as the spotlight shifted to the martial art skills of Taekwondo. This performance showcased agility, precision, and discipline, paying homage to South Korea’s rich martial arts heritage. The spirit and dynamics of the show were further enhanced by a cheerleading performance. The enthusiastic cheerleaders represented the spirit of youth and teamwork, leaving the audience in awe.

The significance of this cultural exchange deepened with Prof. Moonseo’s address. He said,

“꿈 높게, 사랑 깊게, 우정 길게,”

which translates to “Dream higher, Love deeper, Extend Friendship,” reflecting the essence of the event and emphasizing the importance of dreaming big, nurturing deep love, and extending friendship.

The description of these activities was enthusiastically conveyed by I Wayan Agus Arimbawa M.Eng, the International KKN (Real Work Lecture) supervisor. One of the valuable moments of the event was the enthusiastic response from a participant, Dyah Ayu Ratriningtyas, who attended the Basic Korean class. She shared her view,

“This activity was truly exciting and enjoyable! We were taught from the basics by Ssaem about the brief history of Korean hangeul, introduction to the Korean alphabet (hangeul), writing, pronunciation, and Korean grammar. Not only that, in our class, we were also engaged in various thrilling quizzes, felt the vibes of Korean songs, introduced to tantalizing Korean cuisine, and of course, much more. All of this not only boosted our learning spirit but also encouraged us to study harder.”

This cultural event is the result of close collaboration between the University of Mataram (UNRAM), Seoul National University (SNU), and the National University (UNAS). The essence of social responsibility is embodied in the “SNU-SR” language program initiated by SNU. This program offers three levels of Korean language classes: basic, tourism, and Korean EPS-Topic. In addition, a comprehensive introduction to Digital Business, taught by renowned professors from partner universities, provides participants with holistic insights.

The journey to this grand performance began in May, with international KKN (field-work volunteering program) students from SNU-SR actively participating in teaching. The program concluded with the Summer Dispatch initiative, where SNU volunteers, representing the university’s spirit, traveled to Lombok. During a dynamic seven-day period, these volunteers not only replaced previous professors but also engaged in five intriguing educational sessions.

Beyond the captivating performances and dynamic exchanges, this collaboration underscores the immense potential of academic alliances in fostering cross-cultural understanding and sharing knowledge. Seamlessly combining the traditions and modern aspects of both countries, the event at UNRAM’s Dome stands as strong evidence of the power of cultural exchange in nurturing global harmony.

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Press Release by International KKN, UNRAM X SNU X UNAS

This article is authored by Ni Kadek Astrid Sendina