Other scholarships provided by institutions / companies both public and private in collaboration with the University of Mataram, including:

  1. Bank of Indonesia Scholarships

Bank Indonesia Scholarship is intended for students who come from underprivileged families but have a high GPA index at the university. Besides, the Bank of Indonesia scholarships have other objectives, namely improving quality and fostering student leadership through activities involving a wider community.

  1. PT. Samsung Scholarships

Samsung Scholarship is one of the CSR programs of PT. Samsung Electronics Indonesia provides educational funding assistance for students in Indonesia including the University of Mataram. Scholarship is provided by PT. Samsung Electronics Indonesia is more focused on developing higher education in Indonesia. The PT Samsung Scholarship is more focused on supporting students from the Faculty of Engineering and Business Economics only.

  1. Djarum Foundation Scholarship

In its program Djarum Scholarship Plus not only gives scholarship funds for one year to students but also gives various soft skills training to prepare students to be ready to become future leaders of the nation. This training includes Nation Building, Character Building, Leadership Development, Competition Challenges, and International Exposure.

  1. Asian Community Act (ACT)

The University of Mataram has been tied a Collaboration with an NGO which established in Japan, Asian Community Act (ACT) to contribute in supporting the students from Sumbawa Island by providing a scholarship for thosewho live in low economic status but obtain high academic performance in their study.

  1. Other Scholarships

The other scholarships available are Afirmasi Dikti (ADik)-Papua, Badan Amil Zakat Nasional (BAZNAS), Beasiswa Nusantara Cerdas (BNC) BRI, Bank BRI, and CIMB Niaga.