On Tuesday, February 20th 2024, Office of International Affairs University of Mataram held International Workshop: Study at World’s Top Universities with a Scholarship. This event also marks the closing ceremony of IELTS Preparation course held by Education USA.

In his opening remarks, Prof. Dahlanuddin, the Head of the Office of International Affairs, expressed his hope that the workshop would empower students to pursue their dreams of studying at prestigious universities worldwide. “It is hoped that this workshop can help students prepare themselves to apply for scholarships. There are many scholarships that you can easily find, use this opportunity so that you get the opportunity to study at the world’s leading universities that you dream of,” Prof. Dahlanuddin emphasized.

The workshop featured two distinguished keynote speakers: Ambarizky Nugraheni, Education USA Adviser, and Soni Ariawan, Director of Straya Language Center Lombok.

Ambarizky Nugraheni captivated the audience with her presentation on “Graduate Study & Exchange Programs in the United States.” She provided valuable insights into the importance of pursuing further education in the USA, along with practical steps for preparation and the essential requirements for applying to overseas campuses.

Meanwhile, Soni Ariawan, S.Pd., M.Ed., the Director of Straya Language Institute, delivered an inspiring session entitled “Better Education Better Life: Reach Your Dream with Scholarship.” Soni shared invaluable tips on selecting the right scholarship and destination campus, accompanied by a detailed overview of various scholarship opportunities available, including the Australia Awards Scholarship, LPDP, MEXT Scholarship, Fulbright Program, Chevening Scholarship, and more.

In the spirit of fostering global connections and empowering students, the University of Mataram remains committed to providing exceptional educational opportunities and support for all its students.

Photo: Humas Unram