MATARAM – University of Mataram was honored to welcome esteemed scholars, Professors Angelo Rubino and Davide Zanchettin from between Università Ca’ Foscari di Venezia Italy, for a captivating general lecture held at the Senate Meeting Room on Monday, May 6th, 2024. Attended by students from the Master of Disaster Mitigation program and distinguished lecturers, the event proved to be an enlightening exploration of key environmental phenomena.

The lecture series commenced with Prof. Angelo Rubino’s engaging presentation on “Intrinsic and Remotely Induced Variability in the Mediterranean Sea.” Prof. Rubino urged attendees to confront uncertainties inherent in the study of the Mediterranean, emphasizing the importance of expanding our understanding to encompass a broader range of possibilities. His insights resonated deeply with the audience, sparking lively discussions on the intricate dynamics of this vital maritime region.

Following Prof. Rubino’s enlightening discourse, Prof. Davide Zanchettin took the stage to shed light on “Indonesian Volcanoes Critical for Climate Variability: An Earth System Modeling Perspective.” Through a meticulous analysis of Earth system models, Prof. Zanchettin illuminated the interconnectedness of Indonesian volcanoes and global climate variability, highlighting the profound implications for environmental science and policy. His presentation ignited curiosity among attendees, prompting insightful questions and discussions on the role of volcanic activity in shaping our planet’s climate.

Before the commencement of the general lecture, both professors participated in a productive discussion regarding potential collaboration between Università Ca’ Foscari di Venezia, Italy, and the University of Mataram. The exchange of ideas and expertise during this session laid the groundwork for future partnerships aimed at advancing scientific research and fostering cross-cultural collaboration.

“We are honored to have hosted Professors Rubino and Zanchettin for this thought-provoking lecture series,” said Professor Bambang Hari Kusumo, rector at the University of Mataram. “Their insights into complex environmental phenomena have inspired our students and faculty to pursue interdisciplinary research and collaboration, furthering our commitment to addressing global challenges.”

The event concluded with a sense of anticipation for future collaborations and a renewed dedication to advancing scientific knowledge and promoting environmental stewardship.