MATARAM – Dr. Dewi Satria Elmiana, the secretary of OIA University of Mataram was selected to be the only Indonesian representative who had the opportunity to take part in The University Leadership and Management Training Program (UNILEAD) at the University of Oldenburg, Germany which took place from January-September 2024.

Dr. Dewi brought a project that focused on “Strategic Management on the Improvement of Higher Education Quality by Effective Inter-University Cooperation”. Dr. Elmiana explained that the UNILEAD program includes several stages consisting of proposal presentation and training in Germany, implementing the program at Unram and reporting the final results in Germany in September.

The University Leadership and Management Training Course (UNILEAD) is a blended learning course for young University Leaders within the field of Higher Education Management. It focuses on Project Management, Strategic Management & Academic Leadership and Human Resource Management Additionally, various topics are addressed in the management context. The objective of the programme is the development and implementation of individual and innovative projects.

UNILEAD is directed at young University Leaders from selected countries in South East Asia, Middle-, South America and Mexico, North and Sub-Saharan Africa, Northern Africa and Middle East.