On Wednesday, February 21st 2024, Office of International Affairs University of Mataram held a studium generale with the United States Consulate General Surabaya. The event took place in the Theatre Room of the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) Unram on Wednesday (21/2) afternoon.

The keynote speakers of this event were John McDaniel, Chief of Political and Economic Affairs at the United States Consulate General Surabaya and moderated by Professor Dahlanuddin, the head of OIA Unram. McDaniel delivered about intricacies of US partnership in Eastern Indonesia. With enthusiasm, he shed light on the key elements driving the bilateral relationship between the United States and Indonesia, particularly focusing on collaboration in economic, political, and commercial domains.

“Our cooperation spans across various sectors, including fisheries, agriculture, aquaculture, tourism, renewable energy, healthcare access, biodiversity, and conservation. Additionally, we are committed to combating human trafficking and advocating for human rights,” stated McDaniel, underlining the breadth of cooperation between the two nations.

McDaniel also emphasized the potential for collaboration in education and culture, highlighting the significance of cultural and knowledge exchange between the United States and Indonesia. Furthermore, he provided insights into the Consulate General’s efforts in strengthening relations with regions across Indonesia.