Welcome to University of Mataram, Please follow the following procedures for your pleasant and legal stay during your study at University of Mataram. Those who come to Indonesia using VITAS (6/12/24 month’s visa) should be aware and carefully check your ‘arrival stamp’ in your passport and white landing card (departure card). The stamp from Immigration Officer at your first arrival of Indonesian Airport must have the following words written: “Permitted to enter and due to report at Immigration Office in Mataram within 7 (seven) days from date hereof……..”


When you arrive in Indonesia, you should within 2 weeks of your arrival:

  • Register at OIA, submit 2 photos (1 of 2×3 cm and 1 of 4×6)
  • Ask a sponsor letter from UNRAM to be brought to the local immigration office to get KITAS. The required documents for KITAS note 1
  • Pay the tuition fee at BNI Bank. Account information can be found in note 2
  • Reimburse the fee of study permit (Ministry of Education and Culture) and Visa Authorization (Directorate General of Immigration) at BNI Bank
  • Go to the program/faculty and bring along the copy of Registration form and tuition fee payment
  • As soon as you finish reporting yourself in local immigration office (usually after two weeks you will get KITAS) then you should go to the police for STM & SKLD. In order to get an SKLD from the police,The required documents can be found in note 3
  • The last step will be the report at regional office for you as a temporary resident of Mataram inhabitant, commonly called SKPPS (Surat Keterangan Penduduk Sementara/Letter of Temporary Residency) along some required documents.