International Collaboration

International Collaboration

In improving the quality and upgrading of the university system, University of Mataram is very open to cooperation with many institutions. The collaboration formed is then ratified through the making of the MoU. The MoU that was conducted by the University of Mataram with institutional partners until 2019, as follows:

No Country Institutions/University Since
1. New Zealand Massey University 2012
2. United States University of Montana 2014
3. Australia University of Sunshine Coast 2016
4. United States  RELO (Regional English Language Office) 2016
5. United States University of American, Washington 2016
6. India University of Nalanda 2017
7. Australia CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization) 2018
8. United States The University of Arizona 2015
9. France Universite Paris 1, Pantheon Sorbonne 2015
10. The Republic of Seychelles The University of Seychelles 2015
11. England University of New England 2015
12. Australia University of New England 2015
13. Malaysia University of Selangor 2015
14. Malaysia University of Putra Malaysia 2015
15 Spain Universidad De La Laguna 2016
16. Australia Tesol ASIA 2016
17. Malaysia University of Malaya 2016
18. United States University of Rhode Island Kingston 2016
19. Japan Graduate School of Engineering-Tohoku 2016
20. South Korea Ajou Motor College 2016
21. Canada Memorial University 2019
22. Austria Universitat Wien, Vienna 2018
23. Japan Asian Community Act (ACT) 2012
24. Canada Memorial University of Newfounland 2019


Due this pandemic situation, Unram hasn’t opened yet any exchange program. As soon as the pandemic is over we’ll arrange international mobility programs that can reach out as many as foreign students both staying in Indonesia or overseas.

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