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OIA Universitas Mataram, under the Vice Rector for Planning, Collaboration, and Information Systems, facilitates international collaborations, providing services such as study permits and visa assistance. UNRAM has rapidly expanded its partnerships in student exchanges, joint projects, and research initiatives, aligning with its goal to be a globally competitive institution by 2025.


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Discover the vibrant campus life at Universitas Mataram! Engage in diverse activities, join student clubs, and experience a dynamic community. From academic events to cultural festivals, our campus fosters growth beyond the classroom, promoting a well-rounded university experience.

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Discover your academic journey at our International Affairs Office website. The Inbound Program section welcomes prospective international students with vital details on admissions, programs, and support services. From application procedures to campus life insights, find everything you need for a seamless transition into our university’s vibrant academic community.

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Embark on global adventures with our Outbound Program section. Tailored for our students, this section unveils international exchange opportunities, study abroad options, and collaborative research ventures. Explore partner universities, funding details, and eligibility criteria to make your mark on the world stage. Your global academic experience begins here.

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📌 [OIA UNRAM Updates!]
Join us for Studium Generale with the Consulate General of the U.S in Indonesia. 🌍✨
Mark your calendars for:
🗓: Tuesday, February 21st, 2024
⏰: 10.30 WITA
📍: 3rd Floor, Theater Building C, Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Mataram.

Get ready to gain valuable insights from keynote speaker John McDaniel, Political/Economic Chief at the Consulate General of the USA.
Admission is free! Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to expand your horizons.
See you there!

Free Registration!
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📌 [OIA UNRAM Updates!]

Join us for an International Workshop with Education USA! 🌍🎓 
Discover pathways to studying at the world's top universities with scholarships. 
Mark your calendars for: 
🗓: Tuesday, February 20th, 2024
⏰: 08.30 WITA 
📍: 3rd Floor, Theater Building C, Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Mataram. 
Don't miss insights from keynote speakers: 
1.	Ambarizky Trinugraheni, S.S., from Education USA Adviser
2.	Soni Ariawan, S.Pd., M.Ed., from Director of Straya Language Institute.
Free Registration!
See ya there!
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📌 [OIA UNRAM Updates!]

IISMA Alumni Spotlight💫
From her journey at the University of Sussex, Silmi's grateful for the life-changing impact of IISMA, which continues to inspire her to push boundaries and chase her passions.✨ 
Congratulation on your achievement!

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📌 [OIA UNRAM Updates!]

On February 2nd – 7th, 2024, Faculty of Engineering University of Mataram held “World Innovation Network of Intelligence Transformation (WINIT) 2024” with theme “Revolutionizing Smart Technology, Digital Innovation, Global Cooperation”. This event is the implementation of collaboration with Seoul National University Research and Development Business (R&DB). 

One of the series of activities is the Pitching Day Workshop which was held on Monday, February 5th, 2024 at the Faculty of Engineering. This activity was attended by the vice rector for planning, collaboration, and information system, Prof. Akmaluddin, ST., M.Sc. (Eng)., Ph.D., Lecturer, and Student from both Mataram University and Seoul National University. 

Prof. Akamaluddin conveyed the importance of collaboration and knowledge exchange. “It is important to recognize the importance of collaboration and knowledge exchange. "That's why this workshop is a prime example of how collaboration between institutions can produce impactful results, that's why I encourage all faculty members to start this event as a model to organize similar opportunities for collaboration in the future," he stressed.

After welcoming and opening remarks by the Deputy Chancellor for Cooperation and Information Systems, Prof. Akmaluddin, ST., M.Sc. (Eng)., Ph.D., the event then continued with the presentation of material where this activity had 6 speakers who would present different materials.

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📌 [OIA UNRAM Updates!]

Wishing everyone a magnificent Lunar New Year filled with strength, courage, and boundless opportunities. May the Year of the Dragon inspire us to soar to new heights and ignite our passions. 🐉✨ 
#BuildingBridgesinaGlobalSociety #OIAUnram #SayaUnram #UniversitasMataram #UniversityofMataram #UNRAM #InternationalOffice #OfficeofInternationalAffairs #Lombok #Mataram #NTB #Indonesia #SemetonUnram #YearoftheDragon #LunarNewYear2024
📌 [OIA UNRAM Updates!]

On this sacred occasion, may we reflect on the spiritual significance of Prophet Muhammad's night journey and ascension. Wishing peace and blessings to all!🌙✨ 
#BuildingBridgesinaGlobalSociety #OIAUnram #SayaUnram #UniversitasMataram #UniversityofMataram #UNRAM #InternationalOffice #OfficeofInternationalAffairs #Lombok #Mataram #NTB #Indonesia #SemetonUnram #IsraMiraj
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